Photo courtesy of MATRIX.

Photo courtesy of MATRIX.



South African History in a Digital Age

Michigan State University historian Peter Alegi’s PhD seminar explores 20th-century South African history through digital scholarship, sources, media, tools, and networks.  Structured around four modules: Digital Tools & Historiography; Histories of the Anti-Apartheid Struggle; Nation-building Histories after 1994; and Alternative Academic Careers & Grant Funding.


Race and Power in South African Sport

Peter Alegi’s senior seminar analyzes sport and social change in South Africa from the late nineteenth century to the present. Focusing mainly on rugby, cricket, and soccer, it examines the lives of sportsmen and women, fans, and organizers, links them to shifting racial identities and power relationships, and assesses the role of sport in the struggle against apartheid and in nation-building efforts after 1994.


South African History Online

This South African NGO’s website provides classroom resources and activities for grades 4-12. South African History Online (SAHO) is an independent educational non-profit institute. Established in 2000, its aim is to promote history and the arts and to address the bias in the way history is often written and represented in South African educational and cultural institutions.

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