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Imbiza: A Digital Repository of the 2010 World Cup

Open access web repository of images and video footage documenting the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. By Liz Timbs.


African Online Digital Library

Open access multimedia collections on religion, politics, trade, oral history, language, and culture in Africa (including Southern Africa) and the diaspora. By MSU and African partners, institutional and individual.


South African Music Archive Project

Free online resource on South African music and associated cultural heritage that promotes multidisciplinary research in the field of popular music and culture. The site currently contains approximately 13,000 audio samples and associated metadata from five music collections.


Slave Biographies: The Atlantic Database Network

Open access repository of information on the identities of enslaved people in the Atlantic World. It includes the names, ethnicities, skills, occupations, and illnesses of individual slaves involved in the Atlantic slave trade. By Walter Hawthorne and Gwendolyn Midlo Hall.


Virtual Soweto ’76

Using existing oral histories, photographs, video footage, and material objects in the collections of the Hector Pieterson Museum, this online archival project aims to provide users with virtual access to the history of Soweto and multiple interpretations of the student uprising that began on June 16, 1976. By Angel David Nieves.


Tombouctou Manuscripts Project

Digitization project of ancient manuscripts in Timbuktu, Mali, many of have been translated into English for research purposes, including doctoral and master’s thesis work. The project looks at various aspects of the manuscripts, including: legal and social history; scholarly elites; history of the book and book collecting; history of reading in West Africa and African Arabic calligraphy.




NOTE: Additional projects can be found in the Digitized Sources section of the site.

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